• CLEANSE & NOURISH the skin with our daily invigorating BODY WASH – made with the healing power of the ocean to gently revitalize & restore the skin's natural balance through deep moisturization.

    Filled with beneficial minerals & vitamins, ORGANIC ALOE VERA soothes & softens the skin, leaving it silky and smooth to the touch.

    HYDROLYZED PEARL enhances the skin’s luminosity & works as a detoxifying agent for your skin.

    SUGAR KELP grown on our farm, protects & supports your skin in retaining moisture & reawakens your skin’s pure elasticity.

     Suitable, and encouraged, for sensitive skin.

    Uses natural colorant, Chlorophyll and Copper Complex. Color may vary and change overtime.

Our products are an experience designed to soften your armor. We believe in the history and healing power of SUGAR KELP. That’s why we’ve created a closed loop, regenerative supply chain exclusively for our body care products.

Our farm is located above a natural reef, south of the Norwalk Islands off the coast of Connecticut, known for its natural biodiversity both on land and under water. From start to finish, this antioxidant-rich plant grows exactly as nature intended – left undisturbed – absorbing sunlight and nutrients from the cold, deep waters. NO chemicals or fertilizers are used as the plant flourishes in its free-flowing marine environment. This careful, intentional process ensures the highest quality product, from our farm to your skin.

Using the most skin-nourishing ingredients with a necessary pinch of luxe, we’ve shaped an unparalleled body care experience for EVERY BODY.

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